Thursday, September 12, 2013

lama menghilang...

by the name of allah,most gracious most merciful :)
hi pretty sisters..
I know u guys have been doing well and stay in Allah's protections...

As you guys seen, I normally writing my blog 2 times a week,right?but..lately i am sooooo busy :) My hubby's busy with his schedule and I am busy with mine.. There are plenty of things to do and I have to manage it from now.. I wanna avoid procrastination and burns the candle at the mid night..seriously, Learn from my past,yaww :D hehe.. So, now...wanna focus on my study..there are lots of drawing to produce, lots of experiments to make, lots of observations to do in order to create a unique and wonderful artworks for my final degree show..

and 3 weeks from now, there will be an individual presentations and art critic session that I have to be well prepared :) I dont wanna let my parents,family and hubby's down :D They really hope that I will be an artist someday..., Thats actually my dream too:) i wanna achieved it~ no matter what happens, I will struggle to make it happens!! wowww...the spirit though!! very impressive..haha :D thats a good sign,rite? 

sooooo, now, i am a wife, a daughter, a student, a doll designer and artist wanna be :) pray for me dearie :) It is a tough job actually :) lots of responsible..but yeah..maybe this is the time..the journey begin...with lots of excitement.. Gotta win this task with success :) kekeke

you guys can follow me in instagram :) @balqis_ilyas

stay comel walau bz camne pon :) relax and remember ALLAH TAALA more... and will make u happy and increase the quality of your works ^-^

busy ?? jangan lupa beri juga masa pada zikir pagi pretang, bacaan quran,solat dan bantu orang keliling kita ang memerlukan:) insyaallah,kita berjaya dalam keadaan penuh keberkatan ^-^ best,kan :D

solat ??azan?? stop your study and work instantly, take wudu' and meet ALLAH :) it will make your heart feel calm and insyaallah:) kita jadi orang yang berjaya dunia akhirat :D

think positive, be positive... It will make your day, trust me :D when u stay positive, then nothing will go wrong.. u will totally believes that challenges are given by ALLAH to make us stronger and successful in our life :) insyaallah..
note : to me :) fight lazinesss!!!!yeahhhhhh!! you can do it :')

soooo,girls:) I wish you guys all the best and be a good muslimah,hons :) keep moving forward!! wanna continue my drawing.haha..membebel keje xsiap plak :P

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xoxo from me !!!   assalamualaikum :)