Monday, August 19, 2013

My journey with hubby to Masjid India,Kuala Lumpur

By the name of ALLAH,most gracious most merciful
Peace be upon you
Hai beautiful sisters :)

Hope that I am not too late in wishing you sisters, Happy Eid Mubarak.. Alhamdulillah, I safely arrived home  yesterday after having a great Eid Mubarak with my beloved hubby for the first time after we officially got married on 11 may 2013 :D woww..long holiday,sisters ^-^ a very long holidays..haha

Here are my pics with hubby one day before Eid Mubarak, we went to Masjid Jamek,Kuala Lumpur to buy some clothes and wide shawls for Eid Mubarak ^-^ haha, last minute shopping though..But alhamdulillah, everything going fine and we are very happy to there together..What a very sweet memories we shared..

So, lets take a look,dear ^-^ My hari Raya pics and story will be upload sooooo sooon ^-^ Insyaallah..

We went to Masjid India by KTM to prevent a terrific traffic jam.. As you guys know, during this festive seasons, people are going back to their kampung and still searching for last minute preparation for their blessed hari raya.. And, that's including us ^-^ haha...We wait for KTM at Klang KTM station. At that time it was raining heavily that I have to hug my hubby tightly to prevent from rain drops..Haha..sounds cruel..Let my hubby wet while I am standing there comfortably in his arm.. No...I am not that kind of wife.. It is  just that I cannot be exposed to rain drops.. not even 1 tiny drop of rain drop.. I will suddenly get head acne and nausea after being exposed to rain drops..sooooooooo....he had sacrificed for love you,hubby..

Yeyyy..alhamdulillah:) sampai pon :P hehe...Masjid India, here we comeeeeeeee..gheee :D excited!! can u see??? lot of people there,huh???? I have to hold my hubby's hand tight so that we can be together menempuh manusia yang ramai sangat2 tu... waaaaawwwww:) that's tough!! kadang2 kami terpisah mengelakkan orang yang berjalan laju ke arah kami...dia nak laju2 ke tandas kot...xtahan agaknya :P hehe.. just kidding..

I wore Black Jubah that I bought in Jakarta last year.. It is just rm 38.. haha..Affordable,huh?? very cheap!!
me and hubby looking for my Baju Raya since he already bought his Kurta and Jubah raya in Sri Petaling with my brothers :D 

haahhhh :) Very tired but we are very happy to spend our time together...The pic above: I hold my hubby hand when I fall asleep in KTM back to Klang..I What a very long journey we have from KL to Klang by KTM. we safely arrived home at about 6 p.m. Hehe, I will show you my Eid Mubarak dress in Raya posting soon ^-^  

Okkay, beautiful sisters..Till next time. I want to help my hubby diy our Japanese desk to be put at our Hall..we will have Our 'little' open house soon^-^ hehe

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Assalam :)


  1. assalamualaikum balqis... nak tnya guna camera ape ye pic2 kt ats ni? :) reply kt shout sy ye

    1. waalaikummussalam:)
      i used my hubby's phone actually:)
      samsung S II :)
      I have Nikon DSLR but i dont like to bring it there because its heavy
      and i want to go on shopping,soooo, malas nak pegang DSLR while pilih2 baju..
      my hubbby's phone is practical,i love using it :)

    2. ohhh cantik.. balqis.. ok boleh... nt sarah buat k.skrg bz skit

    3. haha...alhamdulillah,that phone will be mine sooner..
      coz we found that samsung galaxy mega is the best..the pics are awesome though :D
      let me know when you done put my link in yours :D thanks a lot^-^


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